Anna Testo

Testo Anna

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Anna, please turn around, we'll work it out somehow
Anna, don't turn me down, there's still a chance if we can hold out once more

'Cause we started out with love, that was more than enough
And that's a lot to give up

Even if you turn and walk away, love will bring you back somehow
I will wait forever and a day, 'cause I believe without a doubt
The time will not run out on our love

Anna, you gotta stay, it's just a stage we're going through
And Anna, this all can change, if we turn the page then we can start all again

'Cause we almost touched the sky, and it could never again be this right
Anna please change your mind

Chorus (3x): Even if you turn...

And I believe without a doubt, the time will not run out on our love
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