Pamela Testo

Testo Pamela

Oh! Yeah.

Side by side, I'll be yours forever
Rain or shine, any kind of weather
There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you
Let's take what's getting old and make it new

Oh, eye to eye, it's a blinding confrontation
You and I, we're a deadly combination
So don't start mixing truth with jealousy
The road we're on is clear as far as I can see

Pamela, don't break this heart of mine
Just remember, it may not heal this time
Pamela, there is no second chance, for the one who leaves it all behind

Black and white always go together
Day and night you're the precious juwel I treasure
Wanting every part of you is not a crime
Or could it be that you're the one who's wrong this time

Chorus: Pamela, don't break...

(Instrumental break)

All that I love (all that I love)
Thousands of miles away, but always in my heart

Chorus (2x): Pamela, don't break...
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