What's Happening Testo

Testo What's Happening

What's Happening? [x16]

A blind man can see that u cant do it like me partna
Im so sick wit it man somebody call tha docta
Fabo showed me tha central move himself so when he asked (betcha cant do it like me) my reply was Yep!
So What's Happening??
I really aint gon flex
My stacks up tha back while ya stacks on deck
And to ya pill poppers, I know what it is see ya couldnt afford tha rims so u spendin on da pills
And I would tell ya bout my trap but ya'll be done said "Hate em all not from D4L but from Bankhead" now tha ????partna to
roose to eva and will???? on my grandma partna i know im goin to hell so

What's Happening? [x16]

What's Happening?? You already know
It's trap squad young money and ya boy from bankhead road
Act hard take ya money and I might just break ya nose
no boys straight honeys we jus country burnin dro
fasho What's Happening?? do it like me.
You know u catch ya boy wit two white freaks
But i aint gon f**k em I jus put em on da track
Yea u can do it like me but u must do it like dat
In fact see ima have to teach yo a** some knowledge
Got more hoes in my cell phone than Georgia Southern College
Ni**as always wonder why they call me Ben Wallace
Cuz if u try 2 slug on me then ni**a ima have 2 glock ya so

What's Happening?

I smoke I drank I am the bank
got pull got rank
the dro is stank
the squad and brc
we thick get wrong get bent just like a pick
i'm lights and action
i don't need no camera hoe
it's whateva hoe
u don't want no ana now do the dance
look at ya partna shake his hand then ask him
whats up i mean whats happenin
and when i say i got it i ain't braggin
got stacks like steps and made it from trappin
whats happnin lil' mark
whats happnin lil charles
it's ya boi shawty black representin that trap squad

Whats Happening? [Til end of song]
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