Teabag Dat Hoe Testo

Testo Teabag Dat Hoe

Teabag Dat Hoe [x8]
Drop Yo Nuts Off In Her Throat [x4]
Teabag Dat Hoe A
Teabag Dat Hoe A
Teabag Dat Hoe A
Teabag Dat Hoe A

[Verse 1:]
Well I Told Dis Bitch U Suck My Balls U Gotta Do My Folks, My Balls Is Like Some Water Cuz Dey Slidin Down Yo Throat. She Call Me Bonoka Cuz I Be Knockin Down Her Wall I Call Her S.O.B. Cuz She Be Saggin On My Balls. She Saggin On My Dick But She Said She Bout 2 Choke She Suck My Balls So Good Man I Almost Had A Stroke. She Did Boys In A Possy An U No Dat We Dont Play We Aint Trynna Fuck U Hoe We Just Wanna Beat Yo Face.

[Verse 2:]
Word Around Town Dat Bitch Aint Nan But Some Rip I Aint Trynna Fuck U Hoe I Want My Balls To Meet Yo Lip Yo Throat Be Like Some Chips So My Nuts Is What I Dip If U Do A Good Job I Might Just Leave Dat Hoe A Tip.She Was Saggin On My Balls I Told Her Dont Get To Sloppy U Better Watch Yo Eye Cuz When I Nut My Dick Get Cocky Do It Like A Sport Cuz Teabaggin Is Yo Hobby We Aint Fuckin Wit No Hoes Unless They Do The Possy.

Teabag Dat Hoe A [x8]

[Verse 3:]
A Keep It Movin Groupy I Aint No Patient Nigga I See U Smilin Lil Buddy So Wats Da Buisness Bitch? Teabaggin Is Yo Hobby Therefore Dont Be Stoppin U Did S.O.B. Last Time So Do The Possy.Girl Give Me Face Come An Get A Taste. Drop Yo Nuts Off In Dat Hoe Just Wat Da Chorus Say. So Tell Me Wat It Is I Got Dat Army Still. Since U Suckin Out Da Rip Then Use Yo Tongue An Not Yo Lips.

[Verse 4:]
Drop Yo Nuts Off In Her Throat Not To Far Before She Choke She Take It Down In Just One Gulp An She Suckin Like She Smoke I Put My Dick Off In Her Jaw An I Told Her Drop Them Draws She Suck Dick Like Its A Law Now She Lickin On My Balls She Just Told Me To Lean Back An After She Serve Me Ill Past Her Da Maniac An She Past Me Da Kodey

Teabag Dat Hoe A [x4]
Drop Yo Nuts Down In Her Throat A [x4]
Teabag Dat Hoe [x4]

[Verse 5:]
I See Dat Bitch Lookin At Me But I Knew She Was A Freak I Took Her To Da Crib An I Dug Off In Her Cheeks She Said Wats Yo Name Cuz She Really Wanna Fuck But I Dont Fuck No Gutty I Just Beat Dat Mouth Up Just Hit Me On My Celly An Maybe We Can Conversate I Aint Lookin For No Girl But Da Dick Wat U Can Take Drop Yo Dick Off In Dat Hoe Put Dat Dick Off In Her Mouth Show Her Wat Dis Mutha Fuckin Teabaggin Is All About.

[Verse 6:]
Lil Shawty A Pro Wit It She Did Some Shit I Never Seen She Suck Me Up And Did Da Goodies Like Some Shit Off In Yo Dreams A Hoe Be Smooth Just Stay Calm Dont Say Shit Just Lay On Yo Back Hoe Watch Me Squat An Then Go Up An Bend Down An Teabag Dat Hoe Im Really Gon Keep It Real Im Lookin For A Blockhead Someone Could Suck Me Up But She Just Teabag Instead I Label Her Some Pliers Cuz She Got A Tight Grip I Told U Once Before I Aint Mad At U Some Rip.
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