Go Shorty Go Testo

Testo Go Shorty Go

I was walking through the crowd and I seen her with her team
I taped her on her shoulder and said girl I like your jeans
I told her go shorty shorty go shorty shorty go (go)
Go shorty shorty go shorty shorty go

She was dancing like a stripper so I had to throw some ones
She winked her eye at me and said it's time to have some fun
I told her go shorty shorty go shorty shorty go (go)
Go shorty shorty go shorty shorty go

Hopped of the stage walk through the crowd
Drunker then a white boy blowed off that half
Shawty said something but that music was to loud
I told her come here girl get out this crowd
And uhh
Bring yo team come fuck with my team [travis! ]
Tell the waitress fo bottles of goose and 30 wings
Nad now she all up on me wispering me durty things
Want me to make her sing jus like a birdy sing {la la-la la}
Lip ring tongue ring girl you a freak
Wink her eye at me said bring Quez and Li {Travis}
On that goose shawty we gon party round 3
And now I got her whole team screaming TRAVIS!


Wassup wasup girl what you gon do to me
Tell yo friends we pop bottles so come meet me in v.I.p
I told that I want her and I asked her can I have her
Please excuse me if it don't matter if I grab ya
Cause I came jus ta
Have fun and uhh
I take them home jus to smash them and then I'm done with em
This happens every night
Oh yeah eh yeah!


Go shorty shorty go shorty shorty go
I know I seen you shorty shorty in this club before
I was walking around this club cause I didn't have nuthin to do
I taped he on the shoulder and said girl I like yo trues
She was dancing like she worked in magic city
She said her name was Tasha and her homegurl nmae was Brittny
Her man started calling so you no we got the forty
And he was a dopeman so that what encourage me
{To go go}

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