Self Absorbed Testo

Testo Self Absorbed

Through my private forest I wander, where there are no other beings. There
are no souls to misguide me. The silence is my clarity. This is the place
where I decide my quest. I am all alone in my private forest.

Only myself and no one else. I've been dwelling on others. And I regret my
acts, cause no one but me know how I really feel.

Follow your voice don't be blinded by fools. Their tales are misleading
without purity or goals.

Your stupidity impedes my thinking. I prefer my own presence. Therefore I
close my door. I'm better of self absorbed.

I rise above all the shadows from the past. I let the threes grow around me.
I am no longer blinded by compassion. A new vision has risen to my

No longer I seek. I've found what I need. I've ended my search I have found
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