The Profound Power Testo

Testo The Profound Power

I wait for time to impulse my mind to see further than the moment. A path to
walk not walked before, but nor to be ignored. I roam landscape that's not
explored. A request for a challenge a dare towards life, an inner urge to
expand my mind. Cause when my time come and I'm gone, my acts shall be done.

It is not a quest for perfection, more like a confirmation in my faith. For
I believe only in my own existence, not in a bright star shining the way. I
am power you are the weak. Profound I am and profound I stand. I sin while I
think, but you can never destroy my mind. I act by my mind, so you can't
destroy my deeds.

My being reflects through my powerful acts, some may call me egocentric;
ignorant twats. When you dare not believe your inner dreams, because of
words from soulless beings. You are condemned by your own weakness.

I accomplish what I seek when I give of myself to other beings. I collect
impulses that feed my hunger, and gain creativity. I do not give to pleasure
others, but to make sure that I improve. An endless craving so that I can
satisfy my needs.

When I walk my path I feel secure, confident that my voice will lead the
way. Even though I walk alone I am not lonely, for all my thoughts are
impulses from spirits.
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