Intermission Testo

Testo Intermission

[Ced Gee:]
Yo but you know what? We love y'all
Y'all been lovely, puttin up with us
And all of our criticism, that but that's us
We criticize niggaz y'knahmsayin?
We criticize all that weak shit
Cause it's not supposed to be out there on wax
Niggaz is wastin wax

[Kool Keith: overlapping]
So you know what we gonna do?
When they come in...
When all these groups come into London
Y'all should get picket signs
Anti, anti-happy [laughter]

[Ced Gee:]
Yeah that's
Protest against the happy shit right?

[Kool Keith:]
I mean, it's alright to be happy but
Y'all want some real shit
They got a lot of, that's the phony shit

[Ced Gee:]
Yo yo hold up~!
Anybody here came out wearin polka dot shit?
(NOOOOOOOOOO!) Huh? {Yo who you referrin to, Kwame? }

[Tim Dog:]
Aiyyo tell the truth, tell the truth!
If you see somebody with that polka dot shit on
You wanna rob 'em right?
(But you know what, he ain't the only one)
He look PUSSY right? Pussy claat right?
You see somebody with polka dots on he look FOOL

[Kool Keith:]
Check it out, what it is
Rap, as y'all all know, rap came from the streets
Rap came from way back, Bambaataa
With Kool Herc, and all that
It was originally Lee suits [cuts off]

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