This Is How Testo

Testo This Is How

One love
One love
When the time comes to judge and a grudge lies in the way
Move it on move it on and step over that beam
In a fashion that is similar to cashin'
Like a stale bong that has been forever ashin'
Life is no ration
But ideal for a mindset don't trip yet because you have yet to see
Prior to victory
She, a young lady in a Fairlane
Yeah she's fair game but you both share the same shame
And an attitude that could knock you strait down
Even with your roots planted firmly in the ground
It's about time to get up the courage and get to go
Step it up a notch and continue in the flow
Will you walk or carry in a stride no lies
Even when the hardest hits you in a series of life and times
I ask you this on a serious tip
So make up your mind and let your personality rip

This is how you lay it down
Falling back on soothing sounds
You wanted some
We gave you more
Reasons to walk through that door
And when you're in
Don't step back out
That's not what life all about
Stay along let it unfold
Stay along till you grow old

UNDERWATER give it to you
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