We Are The Enemy Testo

Testo We Are The Enemy

We sometimes ask ourselves "what will the future bring", I say we can't sit
around and wait to find out
It's up to us to work in the present and make the future a better place for all
of us to live
It's up to us to change tomorrow, it's up to us to rearrange
Our actions today cannot go wrong or go astray
The judge and the jury are watching us, we must not fail

Why do we think the problems that we bring
Will heal themselves and fade away
Some don't get the picture of what they do, it's in ourselves we are the enemy
Let's pull together and make tomorrow the place that we know it can be
There's a time to talk and a time to act
That time has come, that time is now
It's in our hands to make things right
To start a new and change our plight
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