Whispers Testo

Testo Whispers

Long nights lapse into morrow, yesterday seems so far away
Solitude brings forth the sorrow of a long ago forgotten day
My vision's blurred by all that I've seen, memories of you float by with the
passing breeze
Your touch so soft your hand in mine, the pain we've shared the tears we've
Moonlight silhouette your image cast, frozen forever in my past

So hard to forget the way I felt for you, one word from you would make my day
The feeling of your beating heart, beneath your skin so close to mine
Your caring words your gentle kiss, a reflection back in time of all I miss

It feels like time is slipping through my hands, familiar voices reaching out to
Now just faded words stained with yesterday

Just whispers in the air

Life and all it's joys seem to fade into my mind, feeling torn which way to turn
To set my mind at ease, all alone reaching from inside
I know I must break free
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