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Testo If I Was Made For You

If you could love again
but my heart stay's the same
but my heart stay's the same
then what do we become

see i would never change
i'd take you back again
just the way you are
we fall like a house of cards
you turn, we break apart
baby, don't through this away
if i was really made for you
tell me why'd you take a
chance on someone new?

don't say that what i've heard is true
when i trough we'd have the
strength to see it trough

it takes a fool to know a fool!
i thought that i, i was made for you
forever in disguise, and all those easy lies
how could we go on?

and everybody knew all
you put me through
now i bear the scars
i fall, oh i fall so hard
i should be where you are
(tell me) why did you through it away
baby don't throw this away
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