Drive Testo

Testo Drive

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
I don't claim to know it all
I've had some wins I've had some falls
The road is long and time is short
I don't wanna spend too much time in thought
I don't intend to play it safe
I've gotta move to find my place
I wasn't born for small talk crowds
I know what I want and its not in this town
I don't wanna just survive
I'm gonna hit the road I'm gonna drive

I've hit the highway, and I'm not comin home
I'm gonna drive
I'll do it my way, I'll call you on the phone
When I arrive
It's all I got and I'm not gonna stop for no one
In my way as long as I'm alive
I'm gonna drive

Everything I said I meant, nothing comes by accident
I'll change my name, change my face
To want something better is no disgrace
I'm just following the signs
Keep my eyes ahead I'm gonna drive


I've come a long way
I see the light of day
I think I've found the answers I'm looking for
And there ain't no reason
For turning back, its just one life
I'll play the hand I've got
I'm gonna drive

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