The Sign of Eternal Curse Testo

Testo The Sign of Eternal Curse

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
So many different images
In the loneliness that kills
Waiting the time to strike
The clock of the galaxy to strike
The beats to be heard!!!!!

In dreamy kingdoms
In forgotten castles
In obscure ruins
I look for the key
Of the secret dragon!!

I look for it in virgin paths
In oblique cliffs
In unholy graves
In secret catacombs
Which oblivion has erased
From my memory!!!!

That which brings happiness - to others
That which brings the end - to me!!!

Ancient sign that rises
Natural phenomena that awake
Contracts signed by blood
Last wills never seen, under the light!!!

The last prophet has foretold it
But it was forgotten through time
The dark wizards saw it
But nobody believed them
Because the lived in the time of darkness!

Perhaps some day
We will be free from the curse
The secret will be revealed
And future will be present,
By bringing back the time!!!

I am surrounded by incorrigible scenes
Rustle of leaves without wind
Hope without luck
Waiting to meet you
My eternal destiny
But he won't let you
Aw he knows the dark secret!!

Me will be waiting for the sign
In the sky, the sea,
The four winds, the hades,
The abyssig horizon...
Where ever it - will be revealed...
Where ever it - will be revealed...
It must!!!
It must!!!
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