Made For Her Jesus Testo

Testo Made For Her Jesus

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
JESUS! Sacred and ancient her images of what he was
enshrined upon her bedroom wall
A picture of beauty and perfection
Halo vividly backing a man of such flawlessness
Lusting eyes easily attracting the whore

Laying in her bed, mind drifting to her own self-consumed fantasy
What has he done to deserve her, not even daddy can take her here
Glassy slitted eyes wander across the fading wallpaper
Absorbing visions of a large wooden crucifix and the picture of her lord
She loves the picture of her lord...

"This cross took his life," she thinks in perverted passion
her fingers caress the swollen pink lips that were made for her Jesus...

She feels a wrath
that is so comforting
feeling of childhood
memories that she cannot forget

Bedsprings creak as
raise to her feet
holding her crotch
stumble forward

Blindly reaches
Forward dimly lit
Comforting haven
This sickening spectacle

Virgin scraping
at her clit grab
the cross from the
wall her secretions flow

As the twinkling
Diamond doorknob
Turns and the light
Shines in the old man

Stands with little girl
His silhouette cast
Across the dark wall
Changing so slightly

She feels a warmth that is so comforting...
A feeling of childhood memories that she cannot forget...

Sacred and ancient her images of what he was
Enshrined upon her bedroom wall

She feels a warmth that is so comforting
A feeling of childhood memories that she cannot forget
Bed springs creak as she raises to her feet
Holding her crotch stumbling forward blindly, she reaches forward

Grabbing the cross from the wall, her secretions flow
as the twinkling diamond doorknob turns and the light shines in
The old man stands watching his little girl, his silhouette cast
across the dark wall changing so slightly
His hardness foreshadows what is to come
He whispers out the name of their savior and walks up to her...
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