The Hand (Violent Trance Mix) Testo

Testo The Hand (Violent Trance Mix)

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
ripping tearing smash the controls let it all go down to the people in time don't want your chaos we don't want your stupid stability economic wars of destruction rip apart the fucking function wall down into the ground we die we face the sound forever now look back don't look around over your shoulders and hit the ground feeling down don't sin don't clinch intervention of hate left half dead completely mutilate scraping at the walls try to escape but nothing hears the beauty of life is slowly sinking in yeah you live your life of splattered soul they make it fall down on the floor now you can see the light of death everyone just closes their eyes now you can now you can see reali ty we live on broken tv screens now you can kiss it goodbye you push it down you let it end you push it down you let it end you push it down you let it end don't push it down you let it end no fascist fever in the lock into the nation into the heart feeling pain agony stressed fate on your knees bow down to the one you please tear it up now now let it go this sound will not stop till you realize the game set it up

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