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(I) We Used To Worship The Moon
(II) The Dirt Won't Keep Your Secrets
(III) Go On, Paint Me A Picture
(IV) The Saints Of Gomorrah
(V) You Never Looked Like This
(VI) I Could End My Search Tonight
A Lady And A Tramp
A Man Like Me!
Because You're Lonely (The Circus)
Bleeding A Stone
Go On, Paint Me A Picture
Gullinkambi's Return
I'm Still Amazed
It's Unbelievable To Me
Killing Time (To Keep The Dream Alive)
Let Me Explain
Let's Just Forget About This!
Only In The Morning
Pride Alone Won't Put This Fire Out
Puking Platitudes
Some Sort Of Siren
The Animals Tent (Decimus The Tramp)
The Clowns And The Escape
The Day I Set Them Free
The Performers Tent (Mortus The Bum)
The Ringleader (Nonus The Hobo)
The Sideshow Tent
The Sky Came Down
This Is All A Forced Metaphor
Too Late To Dream
What Do We Have Here?
Who Would've Thought
You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch