House Of War Testo

Testo House Of War

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
[Music by: Pedro J. Monge, Carlos Escudero; Lyrics by: Carlos Escudero, Pedro J. Monge]

In a nightmare
I could see my past
Nothing is gonna change

Now I'm running
Through the wildest storm
Looking for the House of War

lovely moonlight
You show me the way
I'll be soon
In the Mouse of War

House of War!
All the heroes
Weapons risen up
Battle field is waiting now

Blood and fire
Will be shed this night
We're fighting for his ghost

We spent long years
Revenge is near
And we will fight

There's a fire WAR!!!
Burnin' deep inside

Madness secrets
No escape from them

Cry out, warrior
Cry out and take my hand

Cry out and help me
With my revenge
Cry out in the House of War

Running wild

Cry out, warriors
Cry out and take my hand
Cry out and hold up
Your promises
Revenue in the battle field!
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