Steam-Roller Testo

Testo Steam-Roller

[Music by: Pedro J. Monge, Carlos Escudero; Lyrics by: Carlos Escudero]

When the days are turning cold
When your feelings are against the law
His power called my spirit free again

Now steam-roller is here

Hard and black
For a better place to be
United we are the ones
We are the ones

At the end, the strong will survive again
Today is the day, the path is done

Steam-Roller! Crushing down!

It sounds like thunder
Devastation in the night
By my command
A new light of day will come

New black light of day
Is all that I see
Hear my scream breaking out

Oh! Give me power to break, dusty prophecy!
That black steam-roller is comin' up!

When the days are turning cold
When your feeling are against the law
This machine is made of metal
And if you want it screams!
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