Suffering Upon Revenge Testo

Testo Suffering Upon Revenge

Waking up inside a grave
Emerging from the ground
First thing i must do,
Will be to hunt and find you

Studying your every move i plan my flawless attack
Now that ive surfaced
I'll make sure no one can hear you

Scream, weep, bleed
I found you

Ha! We meet again
This time around
Imm gonna make you suffer
Blown against the wall
Your shattered skull
Makes you twitch in misery

Ripping you from limb to limb
At last i tear your skin

Stomping on your puny corpse
Using only strict blunt force

Eating your flesh off the ground
I promise you won't be found

Ripping you from limb to limb
At last i tear your skin
Rot, bleed

Watching you twitch on the floor
I've made sure you live no more
Now you see i settled our score
Not enough i still want more [x2]

I plan on
Dragging you remains with me to hell

Suffering upon revenge
Casting hate upon your soul [x4]
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