Miami Nights Testo

Testo Miami Nights

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
[Intro: Wale]
The streets is cold and the beaches is warm
The bitches is everything in between...

[Verse 1: Wale]
Who would believe this rap shit would have me well off
Type of life a nigga kill or go to jail for
Yeah, can't wait til the wheels down
And I'm amazed you clown niggas is still around
Smoking haze all over town like it's allowed
I like my women soft-spoken but the weed loud
Catching Heat floor seats and we all fresh
From court seats to court seats is progress, of course
Tell them other niggas "man up"
Tell Lebron drop 50 unless he playin' us
KOD a couple 50s like a precinct
Straight conch got a nigga feeling seasick: oh shit
Chef creole, 2-seater
And my watch looking like it's all 3PO
2 V's in the street blowing trees with hoes
And more weed for me, shout out to [?]

[Hook: Wale]
Miami nights, it was all a dream
If I can get my money right, I'm about to OD
Little more weed, 1st class seats
1st class hoes, we on South Beach
Miami nights, it was all a dream
If I can get my money right, I'm about to OD
Drinks out, c'mon, Drinks out, c'mon. Drinks out, c'mon

[Verse 2: Wale]
We at mansion, but no cape on
And that ass looking right, what you pay for it?
Look: I know you not gay or nothing
But we should find another girl with a tapeworm
I'm in a rental on collins
Me and my compadres, burning up Barneys
With a model and some? My name hold weight and you don't really keep the bar raised
With dark niggas with dark thoughts and long braids
It's not far from white girls with big bread
And light beers, they slight care, they spring breaking
But right there, they skill scheming, they not eating
Knowing they needy as a bitch, they don't need a reason
And when you repping Wet Willies you ain't even thinking


[Verse 3: Wale]
Ok black panamera, dash on a million
It ain't nothing better than a passionate woman
She graduated top of the class, Carol City or was it the west
Hold up I don't remember really, hold up
2 whips, 6 tattoos, no kids
And I heard you come alive, when you gonna live?
I ain't trying to be ignorant, but I'm leaving town in a little bit
Miami nights, ain't another one, until the buzz go away let's have a little fun
Paradise, get away, thinking why it's not South Beach everyday

[Outro: Rozay]
We got the jet waiting on us at the airport homie
We got money to go get baby
Let's get it

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