Cities By The Sea Testo

Testo Cities By The Sea

We have never known a time like this in all of history,
And I apologize if I never was everything you need.
Run away, hide your face, make the same mistakes.
Harder now, facing doubt like there's no way out.
We don't wanna fake this anymore.

I will never understand the lives we lead.
All the answers are not found in reality TV.
What makes life worth living in our eyes
Are the reasons we won't survive.
If we ever had a chance in hell back then,
I'd turn to you my dearest friend,
And break the silence with a lie: "We're gonna be alright."

When the cities by the sea decide to go their separate ways,
And the tides wash away all the traces of everything we've made.
All the lives that you've loved, but you never cherished,
Will wash out to sea.
Oh, how will you bare it?
We don't wanna fake this anymore.

I'm not the one that you should blame.
I'm not the one standing in the way of your dreams.
If the lives we lead are one day broken
And everything I mean to say all goes unspoken.
Pray for me.
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