Hey Little Girl Testo

Testo Hey Little Girl

Hey there little girl, I see you crying over there all alone
Right in the middle of a great big war,
And not so sure of which direction you should go.
All your life you never needed nobody else, you'd rather bare the weight
Well hey there little girl, stand up straight.
At 23 you moved away from your family and your home
Hoping you'd find the man who'd take your little hand
And all your feelings of being alone.
But as it goes, someone took your love for granted.
What happened to the magic you've dreamed of since you were young?

There are some things in this life we'll never know
There are places in our hearts we shouldn't go.
You have to let this go.

I want to believe that the reason you're leaving
Has nothing to do with me, cuz I tried.
But if you ever lose your faith in me,
Don't give up on the world, you'll find better than me.
I have to believe that the reasons you're walking away are your own
And this will make sense one day.
If you ever lose your faith in me,
Don't give up on the world, you'll find better.

So here we are, right back where we started
Right back where you've been before.
In the middle of a war and not so sure
If everything you've been told is a lie?
What is the meaning of life?
And where do we go when we die?

Hey there little girl, you're sitting on top of there world like you knew you'd always be
But how are you gonna feel when that very world decides you've out-welcomed your stay?
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