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Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
This is my deepest dream.
this is how i show you my love.
this is him speaking to me.
this is me speaking to you.
this is him speaking through me to you.

i'm here struggling with my brothers.
this is the most passion you will ever see.
my heart is breaking for and with you.

because but after all of what's between.
you still chose yourself over me.
my heart hurts and my heart breaks.
no one belongs here.
not here where we leave our hearts.
the illusion for your weakened love.

this is not what we were made for.
far from the compassion we have known.
far from the love that we have shown.
he tells me that love will endure all things.

i know that you are forever my brother.
here i struggle with you my brother.

he tells me that love endures all things.
and i'll have you know...

this is my deepest dream.
this is how i show you my love.
beloved let us love one another.
this is my deepest dream
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