Bitch Testo

Testo Bitch

Webbie come on (come one) trill enertainment young savage nigga look

[Verse 1:]
Well I met this fine ass bitch 2 da scene bitch look like she should be n a magazine on ma mind 1st thing get dis hoe on ma team so I slipped her n da whipp n shot er some dreams pulled out a bag of doedie n told her 2 roll one up bitch say she drank liquor so I pourd her a cup now this was one of dem ducks dat just like 2 fuck g's she only fuck with real niggas so I just gotta be me man u kno I had 2 get her so I slapped on ma cd she already new wats happenin she say play number 3 I say wats happenin with dat pussy she say no pussy I ain't a freak n u might go n make a song bout me I carried on a conversation bout how on she could be by da 2nd drank da hoe was feelin like she a celeberty her mind was sayin no but her body was sayin let him beat beat dat classy ass n da backseat of da car

U bitch old dog ass stuntin ass lyin ass bitch ol messy ass ignorant filthy dirty ass bitch ol trifflin ass snipen ass stanky pussy ass bitch ol beggen ass hoe u straight u ain't da shit stupid ass bitch

[Verse 2:]
I met a bitch I don't kno if she was crazy or wat right away askin me 4 money she had me fucked up from that point u should a seen how I treated that bitch fuck her now lose ma number I ain't answerin shit I like dem outta town hoes they be all da way down I got modles n tennecy dat fuck all of ma rounds had a bitch name britney who I was really diggin couldn't get her stupid ass mind right so 4 get it I can't let them stupid ass hoes ruin me bitch must understand 2 get with me is a oppertunitie bitch n u kno u need a nigga 4 2 save ya I'm a see wat I can do now u just be on yo best behavea stupid ass bitch come with me n let me make ya n 2 somebody don't be nothin ya life girl

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