Henney And Ice Testo

Testo Henney And Ice

[Verse 1:]
Young Money Big Money I'm a Big Dog
Old school original with the white walls
A gold grill that'll bling with the lights off
I keep it gutta platinum grill ain't my type dog
Don't get the Crissy oh don't think that I can't
Couple bottles won't hurt the bank but that Henney my drank
I got a Bitch that's like a Indian thing
I'm bout to dip a new 'Lac in Chamillion paint
Brand new nigga I done quit robbin
Snatched another bad bitch finna send that ho to college
Few minutes later they done labeled me the greatest
You haters can keep hating cause a nigga ain't stoppin
Ya'll mothafuckas know I'm the hottest gon head
Write a beef song to me if I'm not then
I'm hood rich still be in the hood bitch
But a cope a nice crib in the subs up in Houston
I quit jackin cause I'm rappin
If this rap don't happen I'm still straight
Cause I'm still distributin

[Chorus: x2]
It's a beautiful life
Henney with ice
Bitches for days
Spendin the night
Young Savage baby
Trill nigga living lavish baby

[Verse 2:]
It been good since a nigga got the cake up
Ride through the neighborhood with the bass up
I still ride good yack big gats with that Isaiah Thomas throwback fuck the Lakers
Still smoke still drink suppose to stop but I can't
I'm a do it real big fuck papers
Still do my thing tight as a bitch
So I don't never have to ask another nigga for shit
I switch from 1 bitch to 2 bitches to a few bitches
Every night new bitches
My gutta bitch I like her cause she keep it true with me
My bad bitch say she don't know wat she gon do with me
My last bitch was trippin so I had to move off
And I got killas from the Boot to Duval
Some Trill ass niggas to see behind this dude fall
Will catch a nigga block and knock some fuckin shoes off
The rims keep still when a nigga cruise off
Young Savage keep still
Bitch I'm Webbie big dog holla at me

[Chorus x2]
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