I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Testo

Testo I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

If we go we go the distance we go all out.
And if you force us to fight we go for the knockout.
We haven't always been the same men we are today.
It took fire to purify us what didn't burn is what remained.
If we run then we run, but we won't be the same.
Leaving excuses for the weak.
If we run then we run, but we won't be the same.
And we'll only have ourselves to blame.
We are growing ever stronger the more we die.
The enemy will never take us; will never take us alive.
Sometimes it's with our eyes closed that we find our sight.
Sometimes it's in the darkness we see the light.
Today I stopped asking what it means and just believed.
You gotta believe; right now.
And now the truth of it is we already got all that we'll ever need
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