Flies On My Dick Testo

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Testo Flies On My Dick

Tiziano Ferro: "Lo Stadio" è il nuovo singolo
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Oh sweet mindfuck lady
please love me like u do
plagued by an image of days long gone
flies on my dick

never sit alone on a hot sticky noon
with flies on your dick
I'm just a boy with a gypsy nun
I love it when you stick me with your staff

oh sweet mindfuck lady
smashed with a nightmare
all alone with flies on my dick

have a beautiful pain
it always rains in your bed
when I'm wet with truth
I'll say it with soothe

I know what I must do
sweetheart - nun - gypsy
I know what I must do
so afraid I know what I must do

Scarica la suoneria di Flies On My Dick!
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