Reggaejunkiejew Testo

Testo Reggaejunkiejew

I don't know where you're comin' from
but I wish you'd go away
I don't know where you got your money from
but I wish i didn't have to be the one to pay
and I'm not sure how to say this
but I seal it with a kiss
do up a bag and drop dead motherfucker
so I can hang out with chris

what can u do
when your world's been invaded
by a reggaejunkiejew
what can u do
when the things that made u happy
only make you blue

take a permanent vacation
get the fuck out of town
go see Jamaica motherfucker
let your dreadlocks down
all that u speak is bullshit
and all the people u know
maybe some people like to eat it
I think you're a dick

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