Comatose: The Magician Testo

Testo Comatose: The Magician

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Trust in me and I'll trust in you, she slipped me her tongue and whispered don't you worry

I said my name is isolation and I'd hate to be the bearer of bad news

Panic is setting in I'm drowning at your feet

Take every precaution design a brand new place to stay calm her beauty found it's way to yours and you've got nothing else

Girl, you've got the adjectives

I can't control my shakes I can't control my mind I'm pacing over and over again

I like the way you move and the way you sway

I'm writing all the words down in the palm of my hand

And the way your hair moves in the wind

Draw every angle out now right in front of you she makes you feel like you're dangerous though I know we're fine we will be fine always keep a steady mind

Another soul to capture you wasted your whole life on us

How could this happen to me

How could I fall in love with the devil? won't you tell me why

She loves sound your heart slowing; inhale your very will to survive

Please stop me from sleeping but don't keep me from my dreaming

I took your name in vain
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