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Testo Revised

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Lets make this believable,
Believe that everything gets better,
It's all we have,
it's all we know,

Those mournful nights stay alive,
The messenger is in danger,
I shed the sheers from glass of the mirror,
Now you can get anyway with anything,
But I still stand up for you,
I still stand up for you.

Amazing whites,
(Of their eyes)
Of their eyes.

Should I feel alive?
Should I feel alive?
Tell me what should I feel like.

I stay near the phone,
In the dark when theres no one home,
I ask myself why wait?
wait for that call that wont come home,
Oh what do you know?
Why wait for that call that wont come home all alone

I wish you could hear me,
Screaming an yelling in high frequency,
I'll ask you.

Can you hear me?

You're still in the back of my head,
I'm a mess,
Cant even hold myself together,
But you are still there,
One love to come and go,
One love to come and go,
I see you're dressed in white
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