Balance Restored Testo

Testo Balance Restored

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I see two souls
One is sorry, both are hurt
But I see much more
than meets the eye
I look far beyond;
and see two as one...

Aveline, just look at him
He's a changed man, born anew
Can you find it in your heart
to forgive?

Don't know what to think of this
So much has been said and done
Don't know what to make of this
It's bound to turn out wrong

I can't blame you
Expecting you to trust, is just too

How can I believe you?
When I still don't understand...
The path you choose in life has led
you bargaining with Death

I can't blame you
Expecting you to trust, just might be...

Too much to ask, hard to admit

I hope she is true to

Aveline, Primos:
These feelings we try to resist

Too much to hide, I can't keep inside

I hope she can see

[Aveline, Primos:]
We're feeling the same

Somehow connected,
somehow our fates seem

Two hearts beat as one, we're

[Aveline, Primos:]
Entwined 'till the end of all time

Two souls revealing what has been foretold:
The balance's restored
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