Pig Feet Testo

Testo Pig Feet

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
[feat. Dallas Blocker]

Girl I can see that pig feet, hanging out your pants
I'm only gon' give ya one more chance, to give that thang to me
Ya already know, I don't play no games
Let's make a porno, look I ain't got no shame
It's three o'clock in the morning, you on the way to my pad
Ain't no talking you something for me to stab, that's what you came to be
I'm a rude boy, and a damn fool
Quit playing, and let me hit you with the mule

If overnight you staying with me, woman don't be playing with me
Stop all that texting and talking on the phone, you need to be laying with me
Aight keep breaking that light time, me I'm just gon' break your kidneys
And I ain't never been a rape artist, but you make a playa wanna take yo bidness
See he can't go but so deep, cause he a lil' man
Baby my thang big as a midget, I mean a lil' man
So what you dranking, what you smoking shawty
Loosen up, and prepare yourself for this poking shawty


[Dallas Blocker:]
I can take you to the movies, but I'd rather take ya to my crib
Let me touch you on your booty, baby you know what this is
Girl we waited all week so what you doing, baby don't be a tease
Give it to me girl you got it, and I wanna take this hostage
Let me get a bit to eat, ooooh
I don't mean to be rude, but all I think about is freaking you
There's nothing else I'd rather do, then get you back to my room
I don't mean to be rude, but all I think about is freaking you
There's nothing else I'd rather do, then get you back to my room hey


It's looking like a bicep, between your legs
That coochy so fat, look like it need Jenny Craig
When I bust one, my muscles tighten up in my leg
Baby you know you wrong, for leaving this puddle in my bed
I be digging deeper than a shovel, that's what I said
I'm trying to make the back of my ankles, touch the back of my head
So leave that vibrator in your purse, cause we don't need that
Sorry about your hair do baby, you gon' have to reweave that
Your man ain't giving it to ya, the way ya 'spose to be having it
I'm a gangsta freak, I got KY Jelly and lube in all my cabinets
MVP, Most Valuable Penetrator ten nuts is average
And when I'm done ya can't put back together, yo man gon' know you been tampered with

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