Côte Blanche Bay Testo

Testo Côte Blanche Bay

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Sail with me and I will make your fortune,
Whether it be women or gold.
A tall ship riding upon the gulf stream water;
The hurricane has blown me so far from home.

I fly the flag of sovreign Carthagena,
All the Spanish boats fair game.
The days are hot and the nights are filled with singing,
Women in the moonlight dancing away.

Down in Côte Blanche Bay.

All the creole ladies called him “Baby”.
The renegades called him “Capitaine”.
But things were never the same down south of New Orleans,
Ever since the Americans came.

Down in Côte Blanche Bay.

Too many women,
Too much drinking,
I can't sleep at night.
If only I could stop thinking;
If only I could hold you tight.

Down in Côte Blanche Bay.

What's a pirate to do when his sea legs get rusty,
When all the wind has left his sails.
I'm going down south to where nobody's gonna find me
Sleeping on the beach with a dark eyed girl.

Down in Côte Blanche Bay
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