Hockey Holidays Testo

Testo Hockey Holidays

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
All I really want for Christmas
are some brand new shoulder pads.
To protect me from the enemy
when he crosschecks me really badly.
I would be irate.
You'd expect me to be retaliate.
But to his suprise I look him in the eyes and say,
"Happy holidays."

You know Christmas time is stressful times for all.
Mall's packed, traffic jams.
Family get-togethers way too out of hand.
Pick up hockey's just way too crowded.
And I know...I know.
I know that you want to take your stick and wrap it over somebody's head.
But you've gotta think twice.
Try to be nice and remember to say,
"Happy holidays."

Happy holidays.

(Take it Eric...Lindros)

So let's remember it's December
before we drop the gloves.
Even goons like yourself
deep down need to be loved.
So lower you high stick
and remember jolly old Saint Nick
Hey you big idiot,happy Holidays.

Hockey holidays.
Hockey holidays.
Hockey holidays.

(Hockey holidays everybody.)
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