The Referee's Daughter Testo

Testo The Referee's Daughter

(You suck.)

I'm sitting in the penalty box of love.
I'm looking at that scoreboard above me.
She's sitting in the stands.
I see her.
She sees me.
We're watching the game.
She's the referee's daughter
and I oughta, i oughta
take the time to talk.

I may not like her father, (He's a jerk.)but I oughta, and I oughta.
The rink's so cold.
Growing old but,
I won't skate alone today.

She must like not like to ski,
'cause every weekend she's watching me.She sees the fire in my stride.

She's the referee's daughter.
and I oughta, I oughta
take the time to talk.
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