Rafiki (Original Mix) Testo

Testo Rafiki (Original Mix)

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
na muka na muka Chorus: nilipata rafiki na penda rafiki na bakie sit down here'n tell me a story when you're with friend no need to hurry no more rush, no more haste no more when you're with friends no need to hurry no more rush no more haste no more Chorus time to see sisters face to face time to talk, time to breathe i can believe i have a friend now i believe Chorus Yo check it out. It's like another day another mic to hold hit the planet of the music that's beautiful. Roots carry out business as usual this collaboration is the next movement yo Roots crew the regiment Black thought me llamo in this thing for life yo. and that's final kid you know that title ain't no reason to remind you how i talk, hustle from new york to brussels frist ist hits you in the head nd then in all your muscles dig deep. we call it rafiki and torik the definition of a true mc i'm subsurface it's hard for y'all to beat me but check it out Chorus

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