Load It Up Intro Testo

Testo Load It Up Intro

Operator: –from
03 Greedo: Jason Jackson
Operator: An offender at Middleton unit. This call is being recorded and is subject to monitoring. To accept this free call, press 1. To refuse this free call, press 2. To le– (*beep*). Thank you for using [?]. You may start the conversation now
03 Greedo: Ayy, this 03 live from Texas penn, linked up with Ron-Ron, everybody asking why we called this shit "Load It Up." Shit, me and Ron-Ron linked up in the studio while I was on the run for the drug trafficking case I'm in for now. That nigga had so much going on from losing my closest niggas to my house getting shot up, I was pulling up with the Glocks and the choppers loaded up everyday, paranoid, loaded off plenty drugs, ready for war. I knew I had to protect myself when I was securing the bag.
I knew I had to load up on songs and albums in order to eat and feed my family while I was gone, but me and Ron-Ron would work from like 9AM to 9PM. Nigga playing beats, soon as I hear some hot shit, I be like, "Load it up." We go right in back to back and shit. First night too, that nigga ran out of beats, so we took a few nights off, then he loaded up on the beats. I came back, this nigga had like, you know what I'm saying, the most aggressive, tailor made beats for me, you know what I'm saying? That's when you became Ron-Ron Load It Up. Y'all used to hearing Ron-Ron do this shit, but with me, it was like we was like a whole 'nother duo, you know what I'm saying? It was like I wasn't just regular 03, he wasn't just regular old RonRon. We was loaded up, you feel me? So this nigga be in the chair fallin' asleep in the chair and shit, working, working. Nigga going to sleep, he ready to leave, I pay him extra blue faces right out the pocket, keep him working. So I had to make sure I pulled up with my pockets loaded up. So the deffiniton of loaded up to us is just being prepared, being aggressive, being overly ready, you feel me? So shit, this just a glimpse of what we gon' be coming with with the Load It Up series. Shit, real street music, real Watts music, but shit, with that quality on it, you know what I'm saying?

Ron-Ron, load it up, Ron-Ron, load it up