Dance Like J.j.nobody's Watching Testo

Testo Dance Like J.j.nobody's Watching

I'm brave, or at least I used to be
But another day is gone and you've gone away
And that's ok, I've learned to live with my mistakes
I keep them safely packed away

Your keys left on the table
I'm passed out on the floor
Tonight you'll call from another airport bar
And I'll know I truly am alone
There are some days when I don't know the road to take
And growing up's caught up with me
That's okay, I'll learn to make it anyway
Take every hit with a smiling face

And my dreams of sailing softly
Have all washed up on the shore
Tonight I'll lie with a bottle of cheap wine
And I'll know I can't take it anymore

Does it wear you down knowing we're alone?
Are we emptied out when no one saves our souls?
When the crowd thins out where do we go?
Do we scream and shout until there's nothing left?

Move on and move on and move on and move on!
We've got some fight left in us yet
With broken hearts and whiskey breath
We've got a reason not to quit
Some day I'll find out what it is