By Reason Testo

Testo By Reason

How much longer will it take to erode my one mistake
I should have seen it loud and clear
every grimace, every sneer
all along I had my doubts but never stopped to call you out
from behind your paper cell
the lights are on but all's not well

how long until the day
these hands will hurt no more
so much left to say
just leave it all alone
my god was i saved
by reason or by scorn?

sinking further in the mud
I heard you say you'e had enough
something hangs out in the yard
a broken man...who tried to hard
I turned to look but found you gone
I can't believe what you have done
I watched the tears run down your face
but never felt your fall from grace...

What kind price will you now pay to make the nightmares go away
they follow you into the calm, there's no escape, something's wrong
after all that we've been through I thought I could depend on you
to bring your demons out to share their bellies full of all your cares...