Mistress Testo

Testo Mistress

Yeah, yeah‚ yeah‚ yeah
Yeah‚ yeah, yeah, yeah
This my mistress
Gotit talk to 'em
Let's go

Dirty Glock‚ head clocked
Yeah, Hellcat gon' do the dash
Drop me a four in the minute maid
Come on your block then we renegades
I don't really care what you say
I'm getting bigger by the days
Got a tip for your drip, yeah you relay
Let your partner give me drops where you stay
I don't wah-wah-wah I'ma blam-blam-blam
I don't double-'07 yeah Gotit hood baby
Can't fuck with these niggas they be too shady
But slime niggas know it came from the shady
Atlanta made a new [?]
I put a nigga down with this drip baby
Forced my way in the game like I'm raidin'
Percocets on my mind‚ I'm crazy
Yeah, yeah
Ain't changin' my life I'm stickin' to the basics
Yeah you keep your mouth close when it came to the cash
Red and green beams I'm comin' through with lasers
Yeah I'm the goat, yeah just go ahead and face it
If I tell him whip the bowl, Pyrex gon' break it
Yeah this ain't that, 10Fifty he made it

10Fifty I love you

Lil' nigga know, yeah I'm number one
Trip to the top, hell yeah I'm goin'
Your man tryna cuff but don't know that hoes goin'
Snakes in my grass, I don't cut my lawn
My older bitch called me up tender like loin
These niggas been broke, that shit been showin'
That's no cap
No hatin' on us niggas 'cause I'ma keep goin'
Cut that bitch off, start fuckin' her friends
Vlone Rockin, don't need no friends, no
Woo, hopin' on a jet we cash
Hell yeah we know jet blast
Keep [?] baby girl you got ass
Yeah, fuck them other niggas come fuck with young slatts
Don't need your money, young nigga got racks
My dough sit top floor with big bags, yah
Baby girl, baby girl, baby girl
Fuck with girly girl, girly girl
Take a lil' trip to Gotit world
No Bath and Bodyworks, I got you smellin' like Chanel
Yeah, Chanel pearls, put that 'round your neck girl
Yeah yeah, hell yeah I got love for my lizards
Them slimes you know they slither
I can make em pop shit 'bout you girl
We can blow this scene, and live our dreams
Let's smoke the best weed, I know you like green
Yeah, yeah yeah
Yeah yeah, your's truly, Gotit