Patron Saint Of The Mediocre Testo

Testo Patron Saint Of The Mediocre

Sing through your heart if your head's on the ground
And the song's on high
Cecilia says you've never seen the light unless you're found

Now my mind is like I-Ching on soda
Goin another round
I keep talking but I cannot understand
Why you would give me time to let me put you down

You said:
Don't you be surprised to find me
I've been moving slowing
Up into your mind where you can't hide me
I've been coming around the corner waving:
“Hello, Howdy, Hi! Won't you give me five?”

Now it's Sunday and I'm taking it slowly
By the riverside
Step into the water for a ritual that fades
With the tide

See the smoke it blows white on white
Into the sky it sends
You get the message
And suddenly you realize
The right-wing lightning is gonna strike again


Patron saint of the mediocre
From you I get my name
Like a ghost you're always hiding
In the shadows of my eyes
Just hid from view