Bye Bye Cellphone Testo

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Testo Bye Bye Cellphone

You're easy as they say
you're such a simple thing they made you plug & play
so much of my life you contain
it takes a lot to give you away
I lost you yesterday
and with you all the numbers I kept just in case
the past would be worth calling i guess
it is all lost again
suddenly everything
suddenly shouting “bye bye cellphone”
living down your loss, it's a go
kissing everything,
keen on inventing a new show,
living in the now, it's a go
I'll let the feeling flow
nothing reminding me of what life was before
I will not miss a thing, no more
nothing to bring me backwards
I'll find there's no point to be slow
maybe no reason to know
I'll just let the feelings flow
as I told someone before
who didn't make it no