Everytime You Go Away Testo

Testo Everytime You Go Away

Everytime you go, you take a peace of my heart (Hahah)
(yes yes ya, and you don't stop) You don't stop
(yes yes ya, and you don't stop) Rock on
(yes yes ya, and you don't stop) Everytime you go (you don't stop)
(yes yes ya, and you don't stop)

Rap 1:
My eyes adore you, you must be having said I get a chill like a child,
When I think of the times we spent in eachothers arms
We can take on the world, and noone can harm my love
Just cryes out like a dove, to be above all the pain, and yet to remain was a game
That I can't explain, I wish you'd open your heart and let your mind do the same
But now you've run away, couldn't stay another day,
To many problems in your head, just wouldn't fade away
You was the first to tell me right from wrong, I'm cold and alone
And plus noone to share my song
When I'm with you, birds over feather, Since you gone in a nice stormy weather
I pray to God each and every day, that you'll stay and never run away, 'cause

Everytime you go away, you take a peace of me wïth you