Under The Northern Sky Testo

Testo Under The Northern Sky

µÚ¶þÀÖÕ ±±·½µÄÌì¿Õ

Horns in the black hill
In the open field
In greed for kill

Lie in the shadows, rise in the ruins
Burning the earth, bleeding the sword
Smile in the goats, story in the spreading
Burying the heroes, leaving the sand
Slaughter of nation!

Sun falls from grace, no war for final sigh
As wolf runs (in the forest)
As eagle flies (in the sky)

Hearing warrior cry, seeing human die
Every sound ended at this time
Feeling northern pride, from the earth to sky
You¡¯re dead you¡¯re massacred

Wait for ancient kingdom, once conquer!!!
Doom for bless