Double Gin Testo

Testo Double Gin

I said the last round at 2 am
honestly I should be heading home again
but when your eyes ht, they hit me hard
figured that I might as well just
stay here at the bar

cause there's something 'bout the way
You look at me tonight
I might be wrong but I think
I saw passion in your eyes

tonight I'm giving in
think it's time for us to
let the roller coaster ride begin
tonight I'm giving in
so come sit down beside me baby
have another double gin

We get the next round at 3 am
if you don't mean it you should get
out while you can
cause when your eyes hit, they hit me hard
swore it wouldn't happen but it's
right about to start

So keep the drinks a coming
just let the records spin
tonight we got each other
and a round of double gin
I'm giving on...