Still Here Testo

Testo Still Here

Jay Lekz Im still widdit
Im a die hard straight bruce willis
Small snippet
'Blood got spilled but district drillers have now been drilled’
Cos i hit them all, never ask !
Run that ball, never pass !
Spit these bars but trust Im still on the field
Im only 110, cuz my brothers live for that ride
Lads never fold to that knife
These opps never witness my kind
Never see em in the 21 district, (naah)
Tryna tick off this hitlist, (naah)
I take the heat when I back my hood
Then smile optimus prime
That breed? Constrictor
I read em all like a scripture
Can't follow me coz im quicker
But your girl follows my insta (woo)
Peel these opps like a sticker !
I talk that shit but I dont pretend
Who got hit and I'll do it again
Numerous trips but someone got sent
Woop woop x3 (siren)
What now what now
Something you don’t wanna discuss ?
Woop woop x3 (siren)
Lesson learnt
21 JayLekz runnin a muck !

This is one for my opps (one for, one for)
This is one for my opps (one for, one for)
We out here sending shots
Come and get smoked if you test my block
It's been a long time since I been back
It's been a long time since I've been mad
Comin thru with that crew we some real lads
Going crazy going mental like we real mad
Real mad like some real cats
Yall better kick back and relax
Coz if you tryna get jumpy then you about to get real jacked
You get real jacked if you out here talking real smack
Them lads not hood
Them lads are rooks
They're all for looks
Those trips they took
Lad they never stepped foot in my hood
There's a opp round Here I'm on that
That 21 I'm from that
Those tough streets yeah I’ve been on that
Walk through any mans block with the hood on my back
Got that (shhhh) in the back
Got it strapped at the back
Case I gotta pop back
No talk dis dat
Lad yeah I stay strapped
Run a opp down guess he’ll never come back
Dems lads they tryna act tricky
One to your back call you Ricky
Hold it down till death for my district
My whole team eats but it's 21 strictly
21 strictly getting kinda risky if they tryna act iffy wif me
Jay leks by my side with that whiskey
Got rongotti with the hammer feeling shifty
Feeling shifty I do it all day 24 7
Send them opps to the heavens
Workn With my brethens
Got maliq with that Mac 11!

Mac Eleven the don I About to Purge like Freddy
Its 21 District trust me lads them pxssies ain’t readyy
They Talk About Opps in the lock
Yea ive been there time served
Now These kids want to Disrespect them OG Jail Birds
Trying To act like they all Drilling
But They ain't widdit
Ay whats the Point of wearing a bum bagg
If Theres Nothing In it !
(theres nothing in it)
These Opps ain't about that life they all just run and snitch and hide
I hold it down and pledge my Allegiance to that innerwest side
Talk about stacks, Flippin packs
Pushing dis n dat
Ay Lad dont come around here
Trying to Urch With A fake GUCCI hat Dont get me wrong brah
I ain't hating, Im just stating facts
So cut tha act, Im just being real
Thats why they call me macc
Still down to ride
In my x5 with a pumpy on tha side
If we collide, ain’t gonna lie
I'll let them bullets fly!
It's 21 District innerwest sydney
Screaming no effect
I'm sending shout outs to my brethrens in that pickard fence ! (Free Jimmy)

Never did fold when I seen that knife!
Fist to fist you ain't about that life
Innerwest is where we playing chess
I'm built like a lion
Coz I walked that line!
Bitches want a taste of this
I got my fists balled up like I'm plague to this
Never ever gonna fold to a fakey bitch
Coz I was made for this
They ain't made for this
Innerwest swing to my T's
Innerwest swing to my T's
I got the recipe
You don't want mess with me
Stick to that chicken boy
You don't want beef !
21 district innerwest Sydney
Cuz they know what's good in my hood!
Wanna get iffy shifty
Leks feeling tipsy
Run that label like suge
They all got shooked
People keep telling me stop
Drillers keep talking bout heat?
But really diggaz gonna get dropped
Gonna get popped
Got me ballied up
Who this digga?
Hiding in the dark boys run that figure ?
Talk off your chops
Coz your balls got dropped
Wanna snitch to the cops
We pull that trigga!

Malik is back here to stay
Straight to that place incase you kids wanna play
All you cxnts there get too carried away
Caught up and Blacked out...
..carried away !
Cold blooded like a Pisces (Granville)
Come fxck with some Ball runners!
Done it again like Ah McCain
I Live for this shit
You can't rush me (Innerwest!)
Do it again I love it fxck it
They ducking, ducking?
You see me cumin
Wipe em off like it never started
Still here like I said and I'll say it again !
Innerwest and that 4x10
'Don't get caught in a lion's den' (bark!)
No lads there ! Stay in your lane
Lads here? Built for the game
Them Swagger boys used to call me insane
Fxck em all trynna feast on my name !
(Feed him !)
Make it rain when his Bleeding
Robbed that Hood like Robbin Hood
Cuz take it quicker then Beam it !