Disappointed Testo

Testo Disappointed

(M.Karlsson / P.Olander / J.Lundholm)

Do or die, good reason to stay alive
Life can hurt me anymore
Roll the dice
Surely I paid the price
A lifetime deal you can't refuse

Day after day I get fed by the media
Night after night, a slo-mo reprise of the
Streets on fire, the air is tight
Makes you wanna scream
but who would hear

I'm so disillusioned,
I'm so close to brain damage
I'm so disappointed

No mistake, politicians on the take
Like demons in disguise, lookin' good
Cops on the beat killing kids for a treat
Men who swore to protect and to serve YOU

Maybe I'm a president
Maybe I'm a fool - disappointed
Maybe I'm an astronaut
Maybe I'm a rat
Over and over again

Do or die, maybe I'll get me a tie
Act like everybody else
A part of the problem