Young And Wild Testo

Testo Young And Wild

(M.Karlsson / J.Lundholm)

The way my teachers look at me
If only looks could kill
- You're here to learn for life boy
Locked up against my will
I sit and watch people come and go
No matter what, I know I'm not alone

Far away an ancient princess
Captured under the rod
No matter what she does
How hard she tries
All day she prays to God
"Give and get, you silhouette"
How will this story end for poor Jeanette

Had enough of your complications
- Young And Wild
Give some room to imagination
We will be to your satisfaction
- Young And Wild
We are the new generation

Sammy Long is sick and tired
And wanders of alone
Walking down the highway
To a place he calls his own
His life's a mess, couldn't care no less
He's got a dream, so far away it seems

We're not all alone
Our minds in control
It's a perfect waste of time
Rules and regulations
Meant to keep our spirits down
It's just a waste of perfect lifes