Outro Testo

Testo Outro

3200 Lenox Road
Couldn't cap me if you wanted to
You might as well roll up and light up to this shit
My brother [?] going to sleep
My private club good
We just on some other shit, man

Two-tone Rollie don't make no sound
Mama said you make me proud
Twenty, could you turn it down?
Coppers say he smell the loud
Only fucked you two damn times
That cannot be my bitch now
All these VVS on me
Guess I brought the snow in town
Dog, I really know you in charge
So you know it's going down
When you tryna be 6ix9ine
They won't let you fly in town
Dabbin' when I pop out
All my dogs gon' pop out
[?] at the [?]
My shit, it was sold out
My bitch want new Dior
300 like Leor
300 like Leor

Some motherfuckin' outro
Don't doubt me, shout me, nigga
Keep gettin' to that motherfuckin' money
And if you visit ATL, do me a favor
Go to 3200 Lenox Road
Take a motherfuckin' picture for me
Me and my dog went on a high-speed chase down 3200 Lenox Road
Wrecked that shit on sight
This nigga crazy
We just gon' keep workin' and keep strivin', workin' on shit
Private Club records
2018, the be all
Smoke more
It's motherfuckin' 4/20
Gang, gang, gang
And I love the private club
(I love the private club)